D6CC41 Engine

410 ps / 1,900 rpm

50-degree tilting cab

Service personnel will appreciate the extra-wide cab tilting angle which makes it easy to access the engine to perform maintenance and repair work.

Coil type full floating cab suspension

The cab rides on four coil spring mounts to free the driver from fatigue road shocks and vibration. An air suspension provides an option.

MFR Type Headlamps

The new headlamps on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck provide impeccable visibility in the dark. The new and effective clear-glass headlamps containing complex surface reflectors which further extend the range of the road illumination allow the light to be emitted to the best possible effect.

Front Grab Handles and Window Washer Nozzle

Front grab handles offer a secure grip for cleaning and maintenance operations. Window washer nozzles deliver all round visibility in any weather.

Corner Vanes

Cab aerodynamics is advanced by the addition of corner vanes which assist reducing wind noise inside the cabin.


Wide Bumper and Fog Lamps

Large wraparound bumper offers 2-stage protection for excellent safety. Built-in foot steps clear angulated front fog lamps further enhance visibility.

Roof Spoiler (Air Deflector)

The roof spoiler improves cab aerodynamics for better fuel economy at high speed cruising

Large Outside Mirror

Large outside mirror provides a perfect side view, while their housings are rounded for reduced wind noise. Heating function is available as an option.



Air Suspension Seat

The air suspension seat offers an ideal driving position from pneumatic lumbar support and side contour adjustment for fatigue free driving. (Optional on all models)

ZF 16-Speed Transmission

ZF transmission applied aluminum alloyed case for ultra light weight ensures good fuel economy and has superb durability and convenience for hard work.

Shock Absorber

New hydraulic dampers improve steering and handling qualities for a more precise and comfortable driving.

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