Ideally designed coupler guide

The coupler guide is ideally designed for safe, confident tractor-trailing coupling and easy maintenance. The stopper is highly resistant to shock.


Single and double axis type couplers are available. Single-type (standard) is for HD450 / 500 / 600 and double-type (optional) is for HD700 / 1000.

Large platform

The large platform has easy access steps and grab handles on both sides for quick connections and disconnections. It also includes a large-sized tool box and offers protection for the fuel tank, battery and air tank.

Extended wheel base

The new HD450L, HD600L tractors boast a longer wheel base to reduce interference between cab and trailer when cornering as well as applying to various types of trailers, reflecting local customers’ needs

Outstanding Performance

The new HD450L, HD600L tractors are the right choice for customer’s needs of low fuel consumption, high payload and maximum vehicle availability in long distance transport

New HD600 tractor (Front) - increased axle capacity

Front axle with higher loading capacity guarantees the best condition of driving stability and improved durability.

Durable Suspension & Frame

Strengthened frame durability guarantees sufficient loading capacity. And increased front / rear spring sheets enhance suspension durability.

Powerful Hub Reduction Rear Axle

High capacity front / rear axle has a great load bearing capacity. Hub reduction rear axle with wheel lock system makes it easier to drive in the rough road with 24" wheel and tire.

D6AC Engine (340 ps / 2,200 rpm)

Displacement : 11,149 cc (TCi)

Max. Torque : 140 kg·m / 1,400 rpm

Model : HD450L










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