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  • Integrity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Collaboration
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  • The best earth movers

Welcome to Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment the official hayndai heavy industries distributor in Sudan.


Integrity in dealing with our customers, Suppliers and stake-holders within the local and international environment.

Cost efficiency

Maintaining Cost Efficiency through creativity, innovation, hard work & good management. Not only to maximize value for our Shareholders but also to give our trusted customers maximum value.


sharing ideas, Skills and experiences; hence sharing benefits with others, whether they are customers, Suppliers, service providers or the research and technological communities in our country and abroad.


Backed by highly advanced Company services, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovative engineering, Maclease offers a wide range of construction equipment to satisfy our customers' needs.

The best earth movers

The Construction Equipment and product is widely recognized as an industry leader for its use of advanced ergonomic engineering and technology.

Product Support

For Your Safety and Work Performance Hyundai Genuine Parts” ensure your success by satisfying your expectation for high performance of
Hyundai Construction Equipments and Forklifts.  Hyundai Genuine Parts guarantee

• Reliability

• Productivity

• Durability

• Longer Life Time of your Machine ‘3-S Service’ is the catch phrase of Hyundai Heavy Industries’

After Sales Service System when responding to after sales requests of customers. The phrase reminds the service team to provide the best possible
 service as quickly as possible, minimizing equipment downtime.




Speedy Service

Upon receiving an equipment breakdown report we respond with the utmost speed, especially in cases involving serious breakdowns impacting equipment      operation.

A Service Team will arrive at the site  quickly to perform a quick analysis to determine the cause of the problem. They will also supply replace
parts to maximize the equipment operation rate.



Satisfied service

We try to find solutions that will satisfy all complaints made by a customer, regardless of how minor the  problems might be. We also offer an emergency dispatch service system to provide better   service.


Superior Service

We operate vehicles furnished with a wide variety of special tools and equipment. We have also set up a
high quality service system with a variety of digitalized      measuring instruments and      computerized equipment


Service Points:

Khartoum HQ

Call Center

Tel: 1905

Atbara Service Point

Tarig Mohamed Mustafa


Abu Hamed Service Point

Ahmed Kamal Salih


Norraya Service Point

Ahmed Suwaileh


Halfa Algadida Service Point

Mohamed Ali Mohamed








Primary Contact

To Send feedback, suggestions or to request  details contact:

             P.O.BOX: 7544, No 16/11 Block 85, Sitteen Street,     Khartoum, Sudan.