High performance and high durability bulldozer, This product features the moderate power, high technologic content, advanced performances, extensive application scope, and simple operations.

Bulldozers 16 ton ~ 42 ton

Net power 120 kW ~ 310 kW

Engines: WD12G240E206/Cummins NT855-C280S10/KTA19-C525

Blade capacity(m3): 6.4 for straight tilting blade 4.7 for angle blade 7.5 for U blade 7.0 for Semi-U blade

engine features strong power and high efficiency and energy-saving,Mature and stable hydraulic torque converter, the high reliability power shift transmission, and two-stage spur gear final drive feature high power transmission efficiency and high durability,The PPC pilot control features low operating force and precise controls,The external working valves ease the daily maintenances and realize better maintainability


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